Channel Letter Components

We use only high-quality components to create all of our channel letters. We’ve listed a couple things that you’ll find on every set of Channel Letters that you purchase from S2 Signs.


frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we get about Channel Letters from our previous clients for you to browse through.

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask – that’s why we’re here! Just fill out the contact form below and we’ll respond to you ASAP.

What Are Channel Letters?

Channel Letters are best defined as a dimensional letter that is internally illuminated using LED modules.

During the daylight hours they can easily be seen against the wall of your business. During the night, they are illuminated from within and cast light outward toward your customers.

The faces of a channel letter are responsible for the color that you see during the day and the night.

What Are Channel Letters Made From?

Channel Letters are made from (6) major components consisting of:

  • Backs
  • Returns
  • Faces
  • Trim Cap
  • LED Modules
  • LED Power Supplies

Backs – Used to attach the letter to the wall of your building. The backs are also connected to the walls (returns/sides) of the letter.

Returns – The returns are the sides of the channel letter and are responsible for giving the channel letters depth and dimension. The returns can be custom painted to any color.

Faces – The faces are what most people see when looking at a channel letter. They are made from impact-resistant acrylic and appear opaque during the daytime and are illuminated from within during the night.

Trim Cap – Trim cap is a small piece of plastic that is embedded with a small strip of aluminum for longevity and strength. This band of plastic is welded to the acrylic faces and serves as a way to attach the faces to the channel letter body.

LED Modules – The LED modules are usually 12 volts and are responsible for generating the light inside of each channel letter.

LED Power Supplies – LEDs often run using 12 volts of DC (Direct Current) power. The power supplies convert the building power, often at 120 volts AC (alternating current), to the 12 volts DC needed for the LEDs to operate correctly.

How Big Can Channel Letters Be?

Channel Letters require that a sign permit is obtained from your local City or County office.

These offices have strict rules that dictate how big your new channel letter sign can be. There is often a formula that is used to allow a certain amount of square footage that you may use for your new sign. The rules are normally controlled by how many linear feet of frontage your business has to the nearest major road.

Because each set of channel letters need a permit and because everyone’s square footage allotments are significantly different there is no way to say how big your new sign can be without doing some research.

When you choose to work with S2 Signs we will do all the research and surveys needed to make sure that we can offer you a set of channel letters that will be as large as possible.

Where Can I Put Channel Letters?

Channel Letters can be installed almost anywhere! Place them on all common types of buildings including wood, stone, brick, cinder block, concrete and more.

With that said – Channel Letter Signs do require a permit to be installed and there are often rules dictating where you may/may not install them on your building.

When you are ready to purchase channel letters for your business we will do all the necessary research and file all of the permits needed to make sure that your new sign conforms with your local jurisdiction’s sign code. 

How Much Do Channel Letters Cost?

All Channel Letter Signs in the State of Colorado require a permit prior to install. There is no way to know how big or small your new sign can be without first doing the research needed to figure that out.

Each set of channel letters that we make is custom made and because of this each set of letters is quoted individually.

For the sake of a ballpark figure you can guesstimate somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 per square foot for channel letters – but again – each quote is unique and can vary greatly from set to set. 

How Do I Get A Quote on Channel Letters?


Just fill out the form located below on this page and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote for a new channel letter sign.

We provide free estimates and onsite consultations.

If you already have a written quote and want to save a little extra money on your new project give us a call! Because we fabricate all of our own signs in-house we guarantee that we can beat any written estimate out there by 5%.