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We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we get about Pole Signs from our previous clients for you to browse through.

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What Are Pole Signs?

Pole Signs are a great way for your company to get seen from a distance! These signs are installed on 1 or 2 poles and take your advertising to new heights.

Pole Signs are normally internally illuminated using Fluorescent or LED lights, but can also be made to be indirectly lit via gooseneck lamps or even designed to not light at all.

Pole Signs are custom made to ensure your needs are met. These signs can be made in Single and Double face configurations – even 3 and 4 sides! The content and design of your new pole sign is wide open to your creativity and functional requirements. Pole Signs can feature many different types of elements such as Channel LettersPush-Thru LetteringLED Message Centers, Back-Lit Faces, and anything else that is required to get your message across.

Most pole signs, however, are simply a Light Box Sign installed atop a pole. These types of Pole Signs are effective and the most affordable way to get a pole sign for your business.

Pole Signs do require a unique set of challenges to erect due to their monolithic nature and will require many things. Some of these things include certified structural engineering, sign permits, electrical permits, excavation, rebar reinforcement, concrete, and a licensed electrician.

In addition, Pole Signs are not allowed in all situations and your local sign code will have strict rules and regulations about where pole signs can and cannot be placed. Overhead and underground utilities must also be taken into consideration due to easement concerns.

After all that it may sound like we’re trying to talk you out of getting a pole sign for your business – nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, we only mention all of the potential problems and construction details to make sure that you’re aware that these types of signs do require extensive planning and resource allocation on the part of your sign company.

We have the experience and resources to complete a project of this scale. We know what we’re getting into and, because of that, when we give you a bid on your pole sign you know that we’ve thought of everything – ahead of time – and that the budget and estimate that you were given is all-inclusive and will cover the cost of the project from start to finish.

What Are Pole Signs Made From?

Pole Signs can be made from a wide variety of materials that can include steel, aluminum, acrylic, polycarbonate, vacuum-formed faces, flexible face material, neon, and LEDs.

Fabrication methods and materials used are often chosen because of the size and shape of your new sign, the engineering requirements, and/or budget for your pole sign.

How Big Can Pole Signs Be?

Every City has its own set of rules that will dictate how large of a pole sign you can have at your location.

We can make a pole sign to just about any size but more often than not – the size is regulated by the sign code of your local jurisdiction.

The size of your new Pole Sign will likely be directly attributed to either the square footage of your building or lot, the proximity to the street, right-of-way concerns, and any setback requirements.

Where Can I Put My Pole Sign?

Your local City code and applicable utility placements will have more to do with the location of your new Pole Sign than just about anything else.

The nice thing about Pole Signs is that they usually tower over any obstructions that would block visibility. Therefore, placement is usually good enough to get seen by your customers and still be an effective way to advertise your location.

In the rare case that a pole sign is allowed at your location but the place where the City says you have to put it just won’t work for one reason or the other there is a backup plan.

In a few cases, we have had to handle this problem and when you need the sign code to change to fit your needs you can file what is called a “Variance” with the City.

The Variance process is lengthy and can sometimes, in rare cases, take months to get processed. Even then, the City may reject your proposition. But if the City agrees with the Variance you are free to proceed with the placement proposed!

How Much Do Pole Signs Cost?

Pole Signs are definitely an investment in your business and are often costly but well worth the ROI for the exposure your business receives.

There are many steps and man-hours involved in just the permitting paperwork, engineering, planning, and research side of getting a new pole sign for your business. Add that to the cost of the actual sign, foundation, erection and finish work and an average pole sign can easily start at somewhere in the neighborhood of $8,00 to $10,000 and goes up from there depending on the size and complexity of the intended design.

Some business owners get ‘sticker shock’ from seeing a number like that and when that happens we’d like to remind you of the return that these types of signs give back to your business.

A new pole sign will greatly increase your business’ brand, image, assumed reliability and perceived value.

In addition to those benefits – and to put it more simply – a pole sign will get noticed far more than just about any other type of sign and, in business, exposure is a critical part of new and sustained revenue.

No other sign out there will get more visibility than one that rises above the rest.

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