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We use only highest-quality components to create all of our push thru letter signs. We’ve listed a couple features that you can count on to come with every set of push-thru letter signs we make!


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We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we get about Push-Thru Letters from our previous clients for you to browse through.

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What Are Push-Thru Signs?

Push-Thru Signs are a set of letters, and/or logos, that “push-thru” a primary sign face, usually aluminum. The push-thru lettering and/or logos protrude outward from the primary face and light up from both the face and the sides of each shape. This style of lighting gives a dramatic effect. Light comes brightly from the face and also provides a beautiful halo of light around each element.

These signs take quite a bit of fabrication to make – here’s the process:

First, the design that you wish to have pushed through the surface is cut out of the aluminum using a CNC router. Next, a piece of clear acrylic is set onto the CNC router. We mill away (remove) all of the excess material except the letters or logo that you want to push-thru. The bottom of the acrylic is left uncut so that all of the letters and logo elements are left intact on the same piece of material. Once the plastic is done being milled your letters and/or logo is ready to be pushed through the void left behind from the aluminum milling process.

To simplify that explanation a little – we basically take a sheet of aluminum and cut the desired shape. We then cut that same shape into acrylic but slightly smaller and push it into the aluminum.

For a sign type like this – a picture is worth a thousand words…Maybe more. We invite you to take a look at some of our example pictures to better understand. We intentionally left some pictures of push-thru signs during the fabrication phase so you can see the process better.

What Are Push-Thru Letters Made From?

Push-Thru Signs can be made from many different materials. The typical use, though, is an aluminum sheet used as the ‘backer’. The aluminum, of course, does not light up and remains opaque.

In typical construction, the actual ‘push-thru’ element is made from clear acrylic. The clear acrylic comes in many thicknesses and the appropriate one is chosen based on the overall design intent. The clear acrylic that we use for push-thru signs is usually between ½” and 1” in thickness.

While there are many materials that you can use for push-thru signs – the overall idea is to have one surface (the face) be opaque so that no light can come through it and the push-thru section be made from a material that is translucent so that light can come through.

To add colors to push-thru signs a sheet of translucent vinyl film may be added to either side of the acrylic. This allows us to make any color combination that the design calls for.

How Big Can Push-Thrus Be?

Push-Thru Signs can be made to any size that you require. We are able to process sheets of clear acrylic as large as 5’ x 10’. As long as each individual letter in your push-thru sign is planned to be smaller than that we can make it.

To put that in perspective: If you had a sign that said “Dan’s Plumbing”, in order to reach the capacity of our in-house capabilities, that sign would have to be planned to be roughly 130 feet long and 20 feet tall!!

Where Can I Put Push-Thru Lettering?

Push-Thru Signs can be used anywhere that you plan on using an electric sign. Because push-thrus are meant to be used for just the lettering or logo of a particular sign, you can use push-thru acrylic in a variety of scenarios.

Push-Thru Letters can be used on Monument Signs, Blade Signs, Channel LettersPole Signs, and anywhere else that you’d like to draw some extra attention.

Push-Thrus are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. There isn’t a place that we can’t make a set of push-thru signs work for your needs.

How Much Do Push-Thru Signs Cost?

Because push-thru signs are highly custom in nature there isn’t any way to provide accurate pricing in this section.

Pricing is determined by a host of factors that are narrowed down based on the size of the sign, the face material to be used, the installation requirements, the decoration of the push-thrus, the thickness of the push-thrus, and so on…

Because there is so much flexibility in how push-thru signs can be used the best way to get pricing is to simply contact us. We’d love to talk with you and get you some pricing.

How Do I Get A Quote on Push-Thru Letters?


Just fill out the form located below on this page and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote for a new set of push-thru letters.

We provide free estimates and onsite consultations.

If you already have a written quote and want to save a little extra money on your new project give us a call! Because we fabricate all of our own signs in-house we guarantee that we can beat any written estimate out there by 5%.