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We use only the highest-quality LED boards to create all of our LED Message Centers.

We’ve listed a couple features that you can count on to come with every LED EMC sign we make!


frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we’ve gotten about LED Message Center Signs from our previous clients for you to browse through.

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask – that’s why we’re here! Just fill out the contact form below and we’ll respond to you ASAP.

What Are LED Message Center Signs?

LED Message Center Signs (EMCs) are a type of sign that features a display that can change messages. The display is made from individual LED modules that can vary in size depending on your desired resolution. The smaller the LED the better (or higher) of a resolution you can achieve.

The most common place that you’ll find this type of sign is at a gas station to display gas prices. Because the price of gas needs to be updated often, LED Message Center Signs are a great choice for them.

Businesses that feature frequent sales or featured items can also get a lot of value from Electronic Message Center signs.

Other common uses for an Electronic Message Center would be for ‘Time and Temperature’ displays, sports arenas, digital billboards, schools, churches and anywhere else that needs information constantly updated. You can usually find an LED Message Center featured on Pole Signs and Monument Signs.

Electronic Message Centers are great if you find the need to replace your message often to keep your advertising and/or information up-to-date.

What Are LED Message Center Signs Made From?

Electronic Message Centers are complicated to make and require a facility that is dedicated to this type of signage manufacturing. This is one of the very few sign types that we do not build in-house – nor does any other sign company in Colorado.

We do make the superstructure that the LED Message Center is housed inside but the actual board itself is best left to the professionals.

LED Message Centers are made from an aluminum cabinet that has been outfitted with a complex set of motherboards, controller boards, voltage regulators, modems, and LED modules. These components are connected with a computer that will relay messages to the display.

The vendor we have chosen to partner with is known for extremely high-quality displays that are capable of featuring photo realistic images and full-color graphics. They also feature a line of monochromatic (single-color) displays that work well for clients on a tighter budget.

When we install a new LED Message Center it is rare that we are installing that element only. EMCs are usually paired up with some other sign type, usually a Light Box Sign. The combination of a Light Box Sign with an EMC can make a beautiful and effective Monument Sign or Pole Sign – depending on your application.

How Big Can LED Message Center Signs Be?

LED Message Center Signs can be made as small or as large as you’d like. All EMCs are made custom for each client’s needs and there aren’t any limitations as to how big of an EMC we can design, source, and install.

With that in mind – your local sign code will require permitting for this type of sign. The rules regarding the size and location of your new message center will be outlined in your local code.

Where Can I Put LED Message Center Signs?

LED Message Centers can be installed anywhere and come in indoor and outdoor models. They do, however, require permitting and because of that, your local jurisdiction will have the final say on where you may or may not put one.

EMC Signs can be installed on concrete bases, walls, stone bases, and poles.

How Much Do LED Message Center Signs Cost?

Like almost every other type of electric sign, LED Message Centers vary wildly in cost. Depending on the application you may find that an EMC can cost anywhere between a couple of thousand dollars and hundreds of thousands.

The leading factors in determining the price for an LED Message Center are size and resolution. The bigger you need the sign and the higher the resolution you’d like – the higher the cost.

Single-Color EMC Signs are the least expensive and the full-color models are offered at a higher price point.

To get an accurate estimate on an EMC Sign we encourage you to contact us so that we can schedule a site visit.

Once we have the necessary information we will research your local sign code, see what size is allowed, and then we can quote your new sign for you.

Do You Make Wireless LED Message Centers?

Yes! All of the LED Message Centers that we offer are available in wired or wireless models.

The nice thing about wireless communication, especially when replacing an existing sign that did not have an LED Message Center installed, is that there is no need to trench a line for communication.

The elimination of having to trench up your parking lot, walkways and landscaping can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Are LED Message Centers Energy Efficient?

Simply put – Yes.

In comparison with older models of message centers, specifically those using incandescent light bulbs you can expect an energy savings of about 1700%.

The average electrical draw for a 4′ by 8′ single face LED sign costs about $0.34 per day. Compare that to over $6.00 for older models. The energy savings alone is worth over $2,000 per year.

Do You Have Samples of LED Message Centers to view prior to purchase?

Yes. We have sample signs available for you to view and look at prior to purchase.

We can deliver these sample boards to your place of business and you can see the difference in the different models of LED boards, resolutions and sizes.

How Cost Effective are LED Message Centers?

LED Message Centers are a great way to get your ROI back quickly.

We can calculate how many cars pass by your location each day and that can give you a much better idea of how much money you are spending to advertise per car, per day.

This ROI calculation is a valuable tool when trying to decide on purchasing an LED Message Center. 

How Do I Get A Quote on a LED Message Center Sign?


Just fill out the form located below on this page and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote for a new LED Message Center.

We provide free estimates and onsite consultations.

If you already have a written quote and want to save money on your new project give us a call!

Because we fabricate all of our own signs in-house we guarantee that we can beat any written estimate out there by 5% on WatchFire LED Signs only.