Halo Channel Letter Components

We use only high-quality components to create all of our halo lit LED channel letters. We’ve listed a couple things that you’ll find on every set of Halo Channel Letters that you purchase from S2 Signs.


frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we get about Halo Channel Letters from our previous clients for you to browse through.

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask – that’s why we’re here! Just fill out the contact form below and we’ll respond to you ASAP.

What Are Halo Channel Letters?

Halo Lit Channel Letters go by many names. Reverse Lit Channel Letters and Reverse Letters are the two most common names they go by.

Halo Lit Letters are beautiful and will add value to your brand – no matter what you call them.

They are similar to their Front Lit cousins but instead of the light coming from the face of the letter, these letters shine light backward. The light cascades onto the wall behind it creating a ‘halo’ effect around your letter! They are sometimes referred to as Reverse Letters because they are exactly the opposite of the front-lit models. Their faces are made from aluminum and their backs are made from clear plastic.

These letters are installed using stand-offs that project the letter away from the wall. During the day the sun casts a nice shadow around the letter. During the night our super bright LEDs shine the light against the wall making these letters easily visible.

Halo Lit Channel Letters are 3″ deep and are made using aluminum to avoid unsightly rust stains. Because we make these letters in-house we are able to offer any font, color or special requirements you have.

What Are Halo Channel Letters Made From?

Our Halo Lit Channel Letters are the best and the brightest you can buy!

The structural components of our Halo Lit Letters are made from aluminum for longevity and strength. We never use steel for these letters to eliminate the concern for rust over time. The face is a solid sheet of 1/8″ aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum paired with a return (wall) that is welded to the face. Most sign companies buy their letters from a wholesaler who chooses to glue their letters together. All of our letters are built to last; we weld our letters.

The face and walls of the letter or logo are then paired with a piece of clear plastic. The clear plastic is used as the back of the letter and lets the light shine through.

The back is the point that will attach to the building so we feel it is very important that this piece is very strong.

Once the faces, walls, and backs have been computer cut they are ready for lights! We are very proud of our lighting style and can guarantee you the brightest letters you’ll find anywhere. We overpopulate the letters with extra LEDs. This serves two purposes. First, the additional light will make sure that your sign is brighter than your competition. Second, you’ll never have to worry about ‘hotspots’ – areas of the letter that are lit more brightly than other parts; splotchy lighting.

Finally, our letters are all painted to any color you want. We can match colors from popular manufacturers like Sherwin-Williams, Pantone, Behr, PPG, AkzoNobel, and hundreds of others. There isn’t a paint color we can’t match perfectly. We use a 3-part painting system and the finish quality is amazing and will last decades.

Our Halo Lit Channel Letters are second-to-none; nobody makes a finer letter.

How Big Can Halo Channel Letters Be?

Everyone wants to know how big their new sign can be! Unfortunately, we don’t have much control over that. Your local sign code will dictate how big your new set of Halo Lit Channel Letters can be.

Most of the time the formula to calculate signage will allow a certain number of square footage for signage based on how many linear feet of storefront you have. Other times, they will allow a certain square footage based on the overall area of the wall you want to install it on.

For instance, if you have 25 linear feet of frontage a City may allow up to 25 square feet of signage. Other municipalities may allow you to use 15% of your wall area (height x width) to determine your allotment. These numbers fluctuate greatly from City to City depending on how the code is written.

We will take care of the permitting and square footage concerns for you. When we have the chance to talk with you we will get the necessary information to figure out just how big your new set of letters is allowed to be.

Where Can I Put Halo Channel Letters?

Halo Letters are versatile and can be installed anywhere – indoors or outdoors!

You can install Halo Lit Channel Letters on just about any surface including concrete, stone, EFIS/stucco, and wood. In addition to common building materials, you can mount these letters to other sign types as well! Signs such as Monument SignsLight Box Signs, and Pole Signs are all popular places to install Halo Letters.

How Much Do Halo Channel Letters Cost?

Every set of Halo Lit Channel Letters that we fabricate are built custom for you. Because each set is custom made for your specific location, font, logo, colors and a host of other factors there is no way to accurately quote a set for you without talking with you first.

Usually, a site visit is required as well so we can see what kind of access we have to the back side of the letter, installation height, and potential installation obstacles.

We do provide free estimates and onsite appointments with no obligation.

How Do I Get A Quote on Halo Channel Letters?


Just fill out the form located below on this page and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote for a new halo lit channel letter sign.

We provide free estimates and onsite consultations.

If you already have a written quote and want to save a little extra money on your new project give us a call! Because we fabricate all of our own signs in-house we guarantee that we can beat any written estimate out there by 5%.